Blackened Silver, Ankh Gold and Diamond Necklace


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Elevate your look with this fabulous handmade Ankh pendant and chain. The use of different metals and finishes takes this necklace to the next level. The handmade chain is in blackened silver, the clasp in beautiful 20k gold, hand hammered and the pendent has a gorgeous matte finish, with scattered diamonds. As an extra bonus, you can clip any pendant you desire as the clasp is hidden. So many options, gorgeous colors and textures for an absolute luxurious experience. The Ankh, or the “Key of Life” is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol used in Egyptian art and writing to represent the word for “life” and, by extension, as a symbol of life itself. “Total weight 1.908oz, 2.14″long, 1.” wide, chain 1mm thick

The Tagili Promise: With every purchase a portion of the proceeds goes to a local woman’s shelter. Jewelry that gives back.