The Ankh Ring in 22k Gold


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This exquisite diamond Ankh ring is a stunning piece that combines modern design with timeless elegance. It is a unique meaningful piece of jewelry. Handmade from solid 22k gold and features the iconic Ankh symbol, know as the “Key of Life” in ancient Egyptian culture.The Ankh represents life, eternal life, and immortality, making this ring a powerful and symbolic piece. The Ankh is adorned with a center round brilliant cut diamond creating a look that is both eye catching and sophisticated. Unique with our signature finish. Perfect for everyday wear.

Part of the Goddess Collection The ultimate in feminine power. This collection combines the essence of a woman in the most divine feminine form. The strength of the diamonds unified with the pureness of the gold brings to life the spirit of what it means to be a woman.

Our Promise: With every piece sold a portion of the proceeds goes directly to a local woman’s shelter